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Personalized management for your properties

At Upturn Apartments we have been managing high-level seasonal apartments for over 20 years.

Currently, we have more than 250 apartments and we work with more than 40 owners who trust us.

Our mission is to offer a direct and personal treatment to the owners, to rent the apartments at the best possible price and to the best customer.

We have built and consolidated a large portfolio of relocation clients, hospitals and master's schools, among other professionals.

We take care of everything that has to do with management such as documentation, cleaning, maintenance, etc. Throughout the stay we are available to both the owner and the client to assist them in whatever is necessary.

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What can we offer you?

Maximum profitability,
lower risk

The seasonal rental allows you to obtain a higher return between 30 and 50% + profit compared to a conventional contract.

We have an incidence of 0% defaults.

Personalized attention

We are characterized by our vocation, responsibility and dedication to offer a comprehensive service from marketing, reservation, formalization of the contract and throughout the client's stay.

Our 24X7 attention means that both the owner and the end customer are accompanied at all times.


We are a PAPER FREE company, respectful and committed to the environment.

We use our own Software and App for the process of documentation, reservation and self-management of the entire process with the possibility of access for you via the intranet and have greater control of your property/s wherever you are.

More than 260

More than 850

More than 1.800
satisfied guests

Frequent questions

For the owner there is no cost, our fees are charged directly to the final customer.

We try that the owner does not have any expenses, we even charge an extra to the client for the utilities.

The seasonal apartments range from 32 nights to 11 months and are aimed at a public that is looking for a short to medium-term experience in the city and needs a fully equipped apartment.

Rental prices for this type of apartment are usually between 30% and 50% above conventional rental prices. This is due to the fact that the apartments are equipped and have all the services of a tourist apartment but with a different client profile.

Flexibility to have the apartment in the short term, maximum rentals of 11 months.

More profitability, between 30% and 60% more income than in conventional rental.

More control of the state of the apartment.

More security since the client's profile is temporary and their residence is in another country.

We take care of managing and coordinating the maintenance, purchases and cleaning.

We don't want the owner to worry about anything.

0% unpaid rent.
Most of the clients are international and with a high income.

Many of them in order to obtain the visa have already passed through several filters by the state.

We have our platform that via intranet you can view the reservation status and/or calendar.

Contact us and together we will make sure that your goods give you the maximum fruit.

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The opinion of our owners, our best guarantee

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